Fear Free Vet Practice | What to Expect at Revel Vet

What to Expect at Revel Vet

While we’re pro-animal,
we’re pro-people too.

He’s the best dog ever.” “She’s the best cat ever.” We love to say that stuff. You know what they’d say? “That’s the best human ever.

In fact, it’s like our pets just won the Superbowl or Powerball, every time they see us.

Revel Vet is bringing this thinking into the lives of our clients and our team members. In our practice, every pet-loving person feels recognized, respected, and appreciated.

Because to every “Best dog ever” and “Best cat ever,” you’re the best human ever.

Our animals are so happy to see us, no matter what. We are their people and we want you to remember that whenever your dog or cat looks at you, they are REVEL-ing in you!
– Dr. Kris

What is Fear Free?

Our goal at Revel Vet is to prevent and alleviate the stress, fear and anxiety that is common for pets to feel when they go to their vet visits.

In practice, this looks like:

  1. Our veterinarians are Fear Free Certified practitioners. This means that they have received special training in methods to minimize the uneasy feelings a pet may experience. Our Revel Vets will personally work with you to create a custom plan, starting at home to ensure a stress-free visit.
  2. We have separate cat and dog waiting areas and a “cats only” exam room.
  3. We incorporate the use of pheromones through room diffusers and spray on a towel or bandana to provide a calming atmosphere.
  4. Force is never used to examine a pet or draw blood! We use positive enforcement and distractions, such as treats and lick mats.
  5. Our stainless steel exam tables are covered with yoga mats for a non-slip experience and we use towel warmers if needed. Additionally, for many of our pets, we do exams on the floor on yoga mats to help eliminate the stress of getting on an exam table.

These are a handful of ways we incorporate fear free methods into our vet hospital. It is our top priority to create a positive association for your pet and our team works together to make that happen.

What to Expect at Our Practice

You need a Vet as much as your pets do.

There’s a huge gap between Veterinary Medicine and the people whose pets need the care. It’s a communication gap; a caring gap. After all, there are few things more gut-wrenching than when your pet is sick, when it might need surgery — even at the natural end of a full life, it’s devastating.

Which is why, after years of practicing, we’re upping the Vet practice game. We’re creating an unheard-of level of openness between our staff and you.

Join our community of best humans ever today!